5 Safe Holiday Gifts for Your Pets

gifts for your petsIt’s not just the humans in your life who look forward to presents under the tree or in their stocking. Your family pet could use something new keep him busy – and away from the ornaments, dangerous holiday plants, and tempting dinner foods. Here are five gifts for your pets that are worth considering this holiday season. They will make your pet happier and enrich your life too. Read more

5 Ways to Help Your Pet Cope with Your Divorce

pet cope with divorceWhen you have a pet, they feel your pain when you’re going through a divorce. Your pet is in-sync with your daily rhythms and moods, and when you change, they may change too, especially if a home that once housed a couple and perhaps children too is no longer the same day to day. Because pets are typically considered personal property in a divorce, it’s inevitable that one-half of a former couple is going to retain ownership of the family pet. Consistency, love, and thoughtfulness will help your pet – and you – cope with the major life change that is divorce.    Read more

Pet Care Away from Home: Pros and Cons of Dog-Friendly Hotels

dog friendly hotel pet careWhen you have a pet who you love to keep by your side, it’s always a comfort to find a dog-friendly hotel when you travel. But there are pros and cons to these types of establishments. It’s important to ask the right questions ahead of time to ensure that you don’t show up on the premises only to discover that your dog will not be taken care of or tended to in the way that you understood he would be. Read more

4 Pet Care Tips to Help Your Pet Survive Your Move

moving with a petMoving day is an exciting and emotionally charged day, whether your new destination is a place you want to go to or simply have to move to. Whatever the situation, this change in the norm is sure to frazzle your pet, before, during, and after the move. If you have a plan in place to help your lovable friend cope, then you’ll both manage nicely in the new digs. These pet care tips can help you make the move. Read more

Does Your Dog Need a Flu Shot? Understanding Canine Influenza

dog flu canine influenzaTis the season for flu shots for humans – but does your dog need a flu shot, too? The canine flu, also known as the dog flu or canine influenza, is a contagious respiratory infection. This illness was only recently discovered in 2004 when racing dogs contracted the virus from horses. Outbreaks are sporadic, and they have appeared in nearly all the states in the nation, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous for your pet if he does develop the dog flu. Read more

10 Things to Look for in a Pet Boarding Facility

Pet boardingWhen you’re away from home and your pet can’t come along, you want a pet boarding facility that will provide as much of a home-away-from-home as possible so your pet is safe and secure, and you don’t have to worry about their well-being. Here are 10 important things to look for in a pet-boarding facility. Read more