10 Things to Look for in a Pet Boarding Facility

Pet boardingWhen you’re away from home and your pet can’t come along, you want a pet boarding facility that will provide as much of a home-away-from-home as possible so your pet is safe and secure, and you don’t have to worry about their well-being. Here are 10 important things to look for in a pet-boarding facility. Read more

7 Ways to Succeed at Pet-Proofing Your Home

curious catYoung pets are as curious as young children, except rambunctious kittens and puppies have jumping and climbing abilities that crawlers and toddlers have not yet mastered. As pets age, they’ll learn the ropes about what’s off-limits in their home and what’s not, but they still remain pets – which means they’ll always be curious and not always discerning about what’s best for them and what’s not. It’s smart to focus on pet-proofing your home in a variety of ways so your pets – young and old alike – stay safe and healthyRead more

What Is the Most Common Health Problem Among Pets?

Dog toothbrushThat “cat breath” or “dog breath” that your pet is exhibiting isn’t temporary – it’s a sign that something is amiss with their oral health. Gum disease or untreated dental infections pose serious health risks to animals, and it can cause them great pain, tooth loss, and potentially spread to their heart, kidneys, or other organs. Dental disease is the most common health problem among pets, but it certainly isn’t inevitable or untreatable.  Read more

5 Reasons Your Pet Needs an Emergency Vet

Sick dogHumans aren’t the only ones who have health emergencies. But you can’t take your dog, cat, or other pet to the local ER if they suddenly develop a life-threatening condition. And you shouldn’t have to scroll through your phone contacts, leave an after-hours message with your regular vet, and hope for the best. Knowing that an emergency vet is available to help your pet immediately can give you peace of mine and, most importantly, save your pet’s life. Here are just five things that could happen to your pet that would require an emergency vet visit.  Read more

New Expanded 24-Hour Schedule!

Northpointe Veterinary Hospital is now the only local pet hospital providing 24-hour, around-the-clock patient care and continuous medical supervision of hospitalized patients. We are open 7 days a week – even on Holidays – with a doctor and trained staff on the premises at all times. This commitment to quality service will improve the safety and comfort of patients under our care, and will allow us to provide emergency veterinary services and critical care any time you need us.

If you have ever found it difficult to arrange a convenient appointment time during your busy day, our expanded schedule will give you much more flexibility.

For years our clients have pointed out a need for local a veterinary emergency service in Sutter, Yuba, and the surrounding counties. If you agree, please help us get the word out to family and friends that Northpointe Veterinary Hospital is now open … all the time!

For Veterinary Services in the Yuba City, California area, Call Northpointe Veterinary Hospital at 530-674-8670 or click here to contact us.

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