Spotlight on Pet Dental Care: Prioritize Your Pet’s Oral Health

pet dental careDog breath. Cat breath. We joke about our sometimes stinky pets, but the truth is, your pet should not have bad breath. And, if your pet’s kisses or breathing are making the air noxious, it’s time to take a good look at whether their oral hygiene is on-point or could use some serious improvement and pet dental careRead more

How Pets Care for Humans: 7 Love Lessons from Your Pet

pet care and loveWhile we all seek unconditional love, the place you’re most likely to find it is from your pet. And whether you’re dating online, are single, married, newly divorced, or have kids, the lessons and wisdom you can glean from your pet about love will inspire you and remind you that pets are good for your health (and, therefore, your heart), and that they can teach you a thing or two about how to behave in your love relationship. Read more

Beyond Pet Care: 5 Reasons It’s Good for Your Child to Have a Pet

Pet care and kidsIs it better to have a pet first or a child first? Opinions vary, but the majority of experts agree that however your human-animal family develop, the love and affection offered by an animal is never a bad thing for a growing child. Here are just five reasons why it’s good for your child to have a pet. Read more

Why Dog Training Is Critical to Having a Happy, Healthy Pet

Dog trainingIf you don’t teach your animal obedience and manners right from the start, it’ll be difficult to, well, “teach an old dog new tricks.” You’re the pet parent, and it’s your responsibility to make sure your “baby” is trained properly so he can live a happy life with you and your family and stay safe and healthy in the process. But neglecting the importance of dog training because you think it isn’t necessary or that it’ll all fall into place over time is setting yourself up for disaster, and you’ll find yourself living with an ill-behaved dog who no one likes to be around.  Read more

Say Cheese! Capture Your Pet’s Essence with Pet Photography Tips

pet photography tipsPets are as much fun to photograph as children – and they’re about as easy to photograph as kids. Which is to say, not easy at all. Dogs and cats certainly offer up great poses, but they might not hold them for long. And they’re definitely playful enough for a thousand photo ops, but cooperation isn’t always in the cards. The next time you have a photo session planned with your pet – whether it’s for a holiday card, special occasion, or even a family photo op – here are some pet photography tips to help you get the money shot.  Read more

7 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Holidays

safe pet holidayPets love the holidays just as much as humans. There’s a good chance they’ll get a new bed, toys, or even a cozy sweater to keep them warm. But there are some parts of the winter holidays that your pets should not be indulging in. Here are seven ways to keep your pet safe during the holidays. Read more

Does Your Dog Need a Flu Shot? Understanding Canine Influenza

dog flu canine influenzaTis the season for flu shots for humans – but does your dog need a flu shot, too? The canine flu, also known as the dog flu or canine influenza, is a contagious respiratory infection. This illness was only recently discovered in 2004 when racing dogs contracted the virus from horses. Outbreaks are sporadic, and they have appeared in nearly all the states in the nation, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous for your pet if he does develop the dog flu. Read more

5 Ways to “Green” Your Pet Care Routine

green your pet care routineThere is never a bad time to go green, and there are even opportunities to minimize your carbon footprint where your pets are concerned too. You probably have a well-established pet care routine, but it’s worth making a few simple changes in the norm to reduce any negative impact on the environment and make the planet healthier for you and your adorable animal. Here are five ways you can go green with your pet care routine:  Read more

Pet Dental Care: Does Your Cat Have Dental Disease?

pet dental careCats can be persnickety about nearly everything, and it’s unlikely that any cat owner has many sanctioned opportunities to get their hands on their cat’s teeth. That isn’t a good thing. The American Veterinary Dental Society reports that about 70 percent of cats show signs of oral disease by the time they’re three years old. In fact, dental disease is the most common health problem among pets.

Just as with humans, oral health problems can lead to cardiovascular issues, which means your cat could experience heart disease. Kidney disease is also a side effect of poor oral health for your cat, and bad teeth and gums simply decrease your pet’s quality of life, impacting their comfort level and ability to eat. Read more

When Your Pet Needs an Emergency Vet: Poisonous Foods and Plants for Dogs

Poisonous for dogsAs you prepare to welcome a new dog into your home, you may be preoccupied with pet-proofing to keep your canine safe and comfortable. Make sure that in your hunt for danger zones, you don’t overlook the poisonous hazards that are in plain sight.

Your dog is curious and hungry, and if your new pet is a puppy they’re even more mischievous and ravenous. As a result, any number of items in your home can take a good chomping. But there’s a big difference between losing a leather shoe to sharp puppy teeth and your dog ingesting a poisonous plant. Read more