Pet Care: The Importance of Socializing Your Puppy

Socialization of puppyIn those first few days and weeks of being the parent to a puppy, the last thing you may feel like doing is scheduling playdates with other neighborhood or family pets. You want your puppy all to yourself, and you’re probably a little overwhelmed at all the care and attention that a puppy takes. But socialization goes far beyond interaction with other animals. And failing to understand the importance of socialization for your dog could lead to serious behavioral issues that are nearly impossible to break. Read more

Should You Stop Hugging Your Dog?

hugging your dogYou love your dog. Your dog loves you. Hugs and kisses ensue. A quick scan of Facebook friends’ photos with their dogs will no doubt turn up plenty of hugging photos. All parties involved probably look like they’re enjoying the closeness. But a recent report has one person claiming that dogs hate hugs. Could it be true?  Read more

Pet Dental Care: 8 Tips for Brushing Your Puppy’s Teeth

puppy pet dental careThose little puppy teeth are super cute – and super sharp! While your frisky little pet will eventually lose their baby teeth, just like kids, in order to make room for their adult teeth, it’s still important to keep up with pet dental care to ensure quality oral health for your pet, from toddlerhood through old age. Read more

Secondhand Smoke Can Harm Your Pets

Secondhand smoke pet careIf you are a smoker, you’re fully aware of the dangers that tobacco poses to your health, and the health of those around you. But did you ever stop to consider what your tobacco usage could be doing to your pets? One of the most important elements of good pet care is managing all the environmental factors that can impact your pet, including the plants you keep in your house, foods you allow your pets access to, and the secondhand or thirdhand smoke to which they are exposed. Read more

Modern Pet Care: 6 Interior Design Tips for a Pet-Friendly Home

pet care modern interior designPets are part of the family, which means your home should be adjusted to accommodate their presence and needs. But you don’t have to sacrifice any of your personal style in order to create a comfortable space for your pet. While owning a dog, cat, or other type of pet can be downright messy at times, it is possible for both a beautiful and pet-friendly home to co-exist. Read more

Sudsy Pet Care: The Dos and Don’ts of Bathing Your Pet

pet care bathing dos and don'tsThe nose knows exactly when your pet needs a bath, but there are some important dos and don’ts to follow when it comes to this area of pet care. The frequency of bathing and the types of products you use, in particular, can affect your pet’s well-being. Your beloved pet’s health cleanliness is a critical piece of their overall health. Follow these tips for getting the washing up done right.  Read more

5 Ways to Help Your Pet Cope with Your Divorce

pet cope with divorceWhen you have a pet, they feel your pain when you’re going through a divorce. Your pet is in-sync with your daily rhythms and moods, and when you change, they may change too, especially if a home that once housed a couple and perhaps children too is no longer the same day to day. Because pets are typically considered personal property in a divorce, it’s inevitable that one-half of a former couple is going to retain ownership of the family pet. Consistency, love, and thoughtfulness will help your pet – and you – cope with the major life change that is divorce.    Read more

5 Dog Breeds That Are Susceptible to Heat Stress

Dogs heat stress bulldog pugWhen you are selecting a dog breed that will mesh well with your lifestyle, it’s important to consider which pets are susceptible to developing heat stress. If you are an outdoor person, if you need a running companion, or if you envision going on long walks with your dog, do your research about the breeds of dogs that can handle this kind of exercise. Some will fare better than others, and those that can’t handle such habits shouldn’t be subjected to them. You can certainly maintain your high-energy outdoor workouts and still love a canine that is prone to hot-weather distress – opposites do attract, after all. Just don’t expect your best friend to keep up with you if you want to avoid an emergency visit to the vetRead more

Pet Care Away from Home: Pros and Cons of Dog-Friendly Hotels

dog friendly hotel pet careWhen you have a pet who you love to keep by your side, it’s always a comfort to find a dog-friendly hotel when you travel. But there are pros and cons to these types of establishments. It’s important to ask the right questions ahead of time to ensure that you don’t show up on the premises only to discover that your dog will not be taken care of or tended to in the way that you understood he would be. Read more

4 Pet Care Tips to Help Your Pet Survive Your Move

moving with a petMoving day is an exciting and emotionally charged day, whether your new destination is a place you want to go to or simply have to move to. Whatever the situation, this change in the norm is sure to frazzle your pet, before, during, and after the move. If you have a plan in place to help your lovable friend cope, then you’ll both manage nicely in the new digs. These pet care tips can help you make the move. Read more