Pet Dental Care: Does Your Cat Have Dental Disease?

pet dental careCats can be persnickety about nearly everything, and it’s unlikely that any cat owner has many sanctioned opportunities to get their hands on their cat’s teeth. That isn’t a good thing. The American Veterinary Dental Society reports that about 70 percent of cats show signs of oral disease by the time they’re three years old. In fact, dental disease is the most common health problem among pets.

Just as with humans, oral health problems can lead to cardiovascular issues, which means your cat could experience heart disease. Kidney disease is also a side effect of poor oral health for your cat, and bad teeth and gums simply decrease your pet’s quality of life, impacting their comfort level and ability to eat. Read more

7 Ways to Succeed at Pet-Proofing Your Home

curious catYoung pets are as curious as young children, except rambunctious kittens and puppies have jumping and climbing abilities that crawlers and toddlers have not yet mastered. As pets age, they’ll learn the ropes about what’s off-limits in their home and what’s not, but they still remain pets – which means they’ll always be curious and not always discerning about what’s best for them and what’s not. It’s smart to focus on pet-proofing your home in a variety of ways so your pets – young and old alike – stay safe and healthyRead more