5 Ways to Help Your Pet Cope with Your Divorce

pet cope with divorceWhen you have a pet, they feel your pain when you’re going through a divorce. Your pet is in-sync with your daily rhythms and moods, and when you change, they may change too, especially if a home that once housed a couple and perhaps children too is no longer the same day to day. Because pets are typically considered personal property in a divorce, it’s inevitable that one-half of a former couple is going to retain ownership of the family pet. Consistency, love, and thoughtfulness will help your pet – and you – cope with the major life change that is divorce.    Read more

5 Dog Breeds That Are Susceptible to Heat Stress

Dogs heat stress bulldog pugWhen you are selecting a dog breed that will mesh well with your lifestyle, it’s important to consider which pets are susceptible to developing heat stress. If you are an outdoor person, if you need a running companion, or if you envision going on long walks with your dog, do your research about the breeds of dogs that can handle this kind of exercise. Some will fare better than others, and those that can’t handle such habits shouldn’t be subjected to them. You can certainly maintain your high-energy outdoor workouts and still love a canine that is prone to hot-weather distress – opposites do attract, after all. Just don’t expect your best friend to keep up with you if you want to avoid an emergency visit to the vetRead more

Pet Care Away from Home: Pros and Cons of Dog-Friendly Hotels

dog friendly hotel pet careWhen you have a pet who you love to keep by your side, it’s always a comfort to find a dog-friendly hotel when you travel. But there are pros and cons to these types of establishments. It’s important to ask the right questions ahead of time to ensure that you don’t show up on the premises only to discover that your dog will not be taken care of or tended to in the way that you understood he would be. Read more

4 Pet Care Tips to Help Your Pet Survive Your Move

moving with a petMoving day is an exciting and emotionally charged day, whether your new destination is a place you want to go to or simply have to move to. Whatever the situation, this change in the norm is sure to frazzle your pet, before, during, and after the move. If you have a plan in place to help your lovable friend cope, then you’ll both manage nicely in the new digs. These pet care tips can help you make the move. Read more

How Pets Care for Humans: 7 Love Lessons from Your Pet

pet care and loveWhile we all seek unconditional love, the place you’re most likely to find it is from your pet. And whether you’re dating online, are single, married, newly divorced, or have kids, the lessons and wisdom you can glean from your pet about love will inspire you and remind you that pets are good for your health (and, therefore, your heart), and that they can teach you a thing or two about how to behave in your love relationship. Read more

Beyond Pet Care: 5 Reasons It’s Good for Your Child to Have a Pet

Pet care and kidsIs it better to have a pet first or a child first? Opinions vary, but the majority of experts agree that however your human-animal family develop, the love and affection offered by an animal is never a bad thing for a growing child. Here are just five reasons why it’s good for your child to have a pet. Read more

Why Dog Training Is Critical to Having a Happy, Healthy Pet

Dog trainingIf you don’t teach your animal obedience and manners right from the start, it’ll be difficult to, well, “teach an old dog new tricks.” You’re the pet parent, and it’s your responsibility to make sure your “baby” is trained properly so he can live a happy life with you and your family and stay safe and healthy in the process. But neglecting the importance of dog training because you think it isn’t necessary or that it’ll all fall into place over time is setting yourself up for disaster, and you’ll find yourself living with an ill-behaved dog who no one likes to be around.  Read more

Say Cheese! Capture Your Pet’s Essence with Pet Photography Tips

pet photography tipsPets are as much fun to photograph as children – and they’re about as easy to photograph as kids. Which is to say, not easy at all. Dogs and cats certainly offer up great poses, but they might not hold them for long. And they’re definitely playful enough for a thousand photo ops, but cooperation isn’t always in the cards. The next time you have a photo session planned with your pet – whether it’s for a holiday card, special occasion, or even a family photo op – here are some pet photography tips to help you get the money shot.  Read more

7 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Holidays

safe pet holidayPets love the holidays just as much as humans. There’s a good chance they’ll get a new bed, toys, or even a cozy sweater to keep them warm. But there are some parts of the winter holidays that your pets should not be indulging in. Here are seven ways to keep your pet safe during the holidays. Read more

5 Ways to “Green” Your Pet Care Routine

green your pet care routineThere is never a bad time to go green, and there are even opportunities to minimize your carbon footprint where your pets are concerned too. You probably have a well-established pet care routine, but it’s worth making a few simple changes in the norm to reduce any negative impact on the environment and make the planet healthier for you and your adorable animal. Here are five ways you can go green with your pet care routine:  Read more