7 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Holidays

safe pet holidayPets love the holidays just as much as humans. There’s a good chance they’ll get a new bed, toys, or even a cozy sweater to keep them warm. But there are some parts of the winter holidays that your pets should not be indulging in. Here are seven ways to keep your pet safe during the holidays. Read more

Does Your Dog Need a Flu Shot? Understanding Canine Influenza

dog flu canine influenzaTis the season for flu shots for humans – but does your dog need a flu shot, too? The canine flu, also known as the dog flu or canine influenza, is a contagious respiratory infection. This illness was only recently discovered in 2004 when racing dogs contracted the virus from horses. Outbreaks are sporadic, and they have appeared in nearly all the states in the nation, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous for your pet if he does develop the dog flu. Read more

When Your Pet Needs an Emergency Vet: Poisonous Foods and Plants for Dogs

Poisonous for dogsAs you prepare to welcome a new dog into your home, you may be preoccupied with pet-proofing to keep your canine safe and comfortable. Make sure that in your hunt for danger zones, you don’t overlook the poisonous hazards that are in plain sight.

Your dog is curious and hungry, and if your new pet is a puppy they’re even more mischievous and ravenous. As a result, any number of items in your home can take a good chomping. But there’s a big difference between losing a leather shoe to sharp puppy teeth and your dog ingesting a poisonous plant. Read more

5 Reasons Your Pet Needs an Emergency Vet

Sick dogHumans aren’t the only ones who have health emergencies. But you can’t take your dog, cat, or other pet to the local ER if they suddenly develop a life-threatening condition. And you shouldn’t have to scroll through your phone contacts, leave an after-hours message with your regular vet, and hope for the best. Knowing that an emergency vet is available to help your pet immediately can give you peace of mine and, most importantly, save your pet’s life. Here are just five things that could happen to your pet that would require an emergency vet visit.  Read more