6 Benefits of Neutering Your Puppy

neutering your puppyYou have a new puppy! Congratulations! But with pet ownership comes great responsibility, and that includes making the important decision about whether or not to have your male puppy neutered. The benefits of neutering are immense, providing perks for your dog’s behavior and overall health and longevity. 

Here are just six reasons why you should considering neutering your puppy:

1. Neutering prevents testicular tumors and testicular cancer. Because neutering is the surgical removal of the testicles, you are saving your dog from any disease that could affect this area of the body, especially cancer. Your dog will also have a reduced rate of prostate problems, perianal tumors, and hernias. 

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2. Aggression is diminished after neutering. Male dogs that are on the prowl can be incredibly feisty, aggressive, and unlikable. Neutering helps them triumph over this unwelcome behavior, turning them into more docile dogs that are content to be a companion for their owner and family. 

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3. Neutered dogs are less distracted by females in heat. Male dogs who have hit puberty are hardwired to pursue female dogs in heat. But the female dog distraction is greatly reduced after neutering, which you’ll especially appreciate when you’re out and about with your pet. 

4. There is a lower chance of your dog trying to escape. Perhaps your dog is never without his leash when he’s outside. However, if you do allow your dog to roam about your fenced backyard or a dog park without a restraint, there is a good chance he may take off in the direction of female dogs. Your neutered dog is less likely to seek out a mate or try to make a run for it. 

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5. Your dog is less likely to mark his territory. Male dogs like to show what’s theirs and mark their territory with sprays of urine. Neuter your dog and he will be far less inclined to behave this way, which will save your yard and home from serious and frustrating damage. 

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6. Neutering diminishes your dog’s desire to mount things. It could be a piece of furniture, your leg, or, embarrassingly, the leg of a visitor in your home that is on the receiving end of your dog’s mounting habit. Neuter your puppy, however, and the chances of this behavior happening are greatly reduced.

You want to have a happy and healthy pet. While you may not want to imagine your puppy or kitten being in any pain, it’s important to remember that neutering is a common and routine procedure. Veterinarians are trained and adept at performing this procedure and in helping dogs and their owners cope with the aftermath. Plus, neutering nearly always gives you a more lovable dog that is happy to focus on their job as your pet and keep their mind off of distracting carnal desires.

Neutering and spaying are surgical procedures that require your pet be under general anesthesia. It’s natural to be nervous about anything that involves surgery when it comes to your puppy or kitten. If you have concerns about these procedures, visit the Northpointe Veterinary Hospital, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for answers to all of your questions.