5 Safe Holiday Gifts for Your Pets

gifts for your petsIt’s not just the humans in your life who look forward to presents under the tree or in their stocking. Your family pet could use something new keep him busy – and away from the ornaments, dangerous holiday plants, and tempting dinner foods. Here are five gifts for your pets that are worth considering this holiday season. They will make your pet happier and enrich your life too.

1. Exercise Equipment

Is your pet a little on the portly side? Just because chubbiness can be cute, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for your pet. Maybe he’s homebound a bit too much, or you’ve been too busy to incorporate adequate play time. If you want to get serious about your pet’s level of activity, a pet pedometer can keep track of how many steps he takes. Or invest in a ball thrower that helps you throw the ball farther. But remember, a gift that your pet gives to you is the motivation and company to get moving yourself and stay healthy.

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2. Bed

Does an aging pet live in your home? Joint pain, arthritis, and simple old age can make it difficult for him to get up and down like he used to or find a comfortable spot. Orthopedic pads are available, and they’re extra cozy when you place them in a warm area of the house that is free of windows and drafts. Make sure your pet’s new snuggle spot is on the floor so getting in and out is easy.

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3. Bones

This is a no-brainer. Every dog appreciates a tasty bone. Whether you go for plus, plastic, or the adored rawhide, inspect the bone first to make sure it’s in good condition, that your pet cannot choke on any of the pieces, and be certain that the bone is specifically made for pets.

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4. Collar

Do you have a pet who likes to wander? If you don’t want to discourage your pet’s freedom but you worry about where he might end up or that he will get lost, a GPS collar device helps you keep track of him. Some collars even send automatic text message alerts to you if your pet wanders outside of a designated area.

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5. Cold-Weather Gear

Many dogs are nicely insulated with their thick fur. However, dogs get cold too, just like people. If you’re planning on spending any amount of time outside in colder temps with your pet, external warmth is important. The breed of dog that you have and where you live of course factor into your decision to cover up your beloved pet. But if you’re headed to the mountains for some skiing and your dog is coming along, a fleece jacket, reflector-adorned jacket, or turtleneck sweater are all appropriate gifts.

Have a Happy Holiday with Your Pet

Whatever you give your pet as a gift, chances are he’s going to love it if it’s anything that will help him find more enjoyment in his day or allow him to get super cozy with or without you. Remember, if you’re traveling for the holidays and you want to board your pet, look for the right kind of pet-boarding facility. Should you have a pet emergency any time of day or night, the Northpointe Veterinary Hospital in Yuba City, CA, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.