20 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Pet

thankful-for-petIt’s unlikely that you need to be reminded of why your pet is such an amazing addition to your life. Whether you’re a dog lover, cat lover, pig lover, or reserve your affection for small rodents or birds, when you invite a pet into your home, you will be rewarded tenfold with affection, devotion, and the privilege of being responsible for another living being.

Animals know how lucky they are to have a human. And humans know how fortunate they are to have the love and companionship of their unique pet. A pet-human bond is hard to beat, through thick and thin. These are just 20 of the reasons why you are no doubt thankful for your pet:

1.       Cuddle partner for keeps.

2.       BFF forever.

3.       No judgment.

4.       Undying loyalty.

5.       Misses you while you’re gone.

6.       Gives the best hellos ever.

7.       Constant comfort.

8.       Always ready to play.

9.       Great listener.

10.   Even better secret-keeper.

11.   Up for anything.

12.   Keeps you moving.

13.   Will always need you.

14.   Irresistibly cute.

15.   Comedian in residence.

16.   Automatic vacuum cleaner.

17.   Always ready to offer comfort.

18.   Loneliness eater.

19.   Got your back.

20.   Unconditional love.

While these perks are undeniable, pet care does, of course, come with responsibilities too. Making sure your pet is well taken care of, up to date on his or her vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and has good dental health care are just some of the ways that you can repay the love your pet provides day in and day out.

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Sharing the Pet Care Love

There are perhaps less obvious reasons to be thankful for your pet. The therapeutic benefits of pet ownership cannot be overstated. Pets can help decrease anxiety and depression and prevent people from becoming lonely. Not only are these perks good for you, they can be beneficial to others too. If you’re looking to do some good in your community and you have a docile, sociable, and agreeable pet, volunteering at a senior center to visit with your pet can have a positive impact on elderly patients, get them moving, get them excited, and give them something to look forward to. Pretty soon, more than just your pet will be thankful for you.

This Thanksgiving, count your blessings, especially the companionship of your pet. And if you have a holiday emergency, don’t fret. The Northpointe Veterinary Hospital in Yuba City, CA, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that your pet is safe, healthy, happy, and ready to love and be loved.